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Celebrating 40 years of Korean Studies

2019 marks 40 years since SEAS began teaching Korean Studies. To celebrate our anniversary we commissioned two giant tradition Korean Totem Pole carvings. Created by artist Jinsik Kim, these Totem…

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28-F nerve supply

Nerve supply of the flexor compartment of the forearm

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28-E cephalic vein

path of the cephalic vein in the forearm

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28-C pronated forearm

Position of the embalmed forearm; in the mid-prone position.

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28-B muscle attachment to fascia

Removal of the subcutaneous tissues and fascia from the forearm. Muscle attachment to the deep surafce of the fascia.

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Undergraduate study in the School of East Asian Studies

Hear from our students about what it is like to study Chinese, Japanese, Korean and East Asian Studies with us here in Sheffield.

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The University of Sheffield Korea Video 2018 Entry

This is a video commissioned by Hannah Stelman, Regional Manager for Korea at Sheffield to showcase the University of Sheffield to prospective students from Korea. The video features current students…

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The Perfect Cream Tea

Mathematical proof that clotted cream is better than whipped cream for putting on those scones....

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