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The Cornell Note Taking System

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Divide your page into two columns, labelled ‘cues’ and ‘notetaking’. During the lecture/seminar take notes in the…

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Higher Education - Past, Present and Future with Sir Michael Barber, Chair, Office for Students

Higher Education - Past, Present & Future with Sir Michael Barber, Lord Blunkett, Shakira Martin and Harry Anderson On Thursday 4 October we were delighted to welcome to the University, Sir…

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Taking Time Out

Taking time out after you graduate.

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Making the most of touchscreen tablet devices for people with dementia

The availability of touchscreen tablet devices on the market has led to an increased interest in their potential usefulness for people with dementia, particularly for providing meaningful and…

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iDig Taking Levels

This video shows you step by step procedures for basic surveying tasks - in this case taking levels, to measure heights on archaeological excavations.

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Happy Pi Day!

Dr Eugenia Cheng celebrates pi (π) day with some delightful pie!

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Breaking the Human Genome Code - Opening Pandora’s Box?

Recent technology advances have resulted in the ability to sequence anyone’s genome cheaply and quickly, but we are only just beginning the journey to discover the true meaning of our…

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What is 'Talking the Talk' all about?

This video provides an overview of the APS 279 'Talking the Talk' module, from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. It provides the pedagogical background and detailed description…

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