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11-B Overview of the bowel

Overview of the bowel, where it lies within the abdomen and which pieces are fixed to the posterior abdominal wall and which have a mesentry and are mobile.

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Improving cancer treatment with the Sheffield Scanner

We are working to raise £2 million to establish a ground-breaking MRI-PET facility. MRI-PET is the most advanced imaging technology to date, and will transform our understanding and treatment…

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How Can You Appeal Against a Conviction

All persons convicted in the Crown Court have a right to appeal against their conviction or their sentence in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) (CACD). In this video, Barrister Mark George…

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The Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre

Claire manages the student-led Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre which provides Sheffield law students with the opportunity to investigate cases of convicted people maintaining their innocence,…

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ScHARR App Hack - Health Mapper

This short video is to help students and academics make better use of their smartphones, tablets and phablets. This video looks at the health condition management app Health Mapper

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