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Creative Media Service: Our Facilities

A brief overview of the facilities available to all staff and students.

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Creative Media Service: Our Equipment

A brief overview of some of our equipment.

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Where are my files located on the SD card?

Watch the video to find your files on the SD card. MAKE SURE YOU COPY YOUR FILES FROM THE SD CARD ONTO YOUR X:DRIVE OR OTHER PERSONAL LOCATION. All SD cards get wiped once returned. All DSLRs…

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Premiere Pro 2022 - Exporting

Exporting your editing project in the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro

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WondaVR: creating and sharing a 360 experience

Find out how to create a 360 experience using the University's 360 media platform, WondaVR. Learn how to upload your 360 images and videos, link them together, add additional media in the scene,…

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Rode Go Canon DSLR

How to set up the Rode Wireless Go wireless microphones with the Canon DSLR for interviews, video podcasts or vlogs.

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Camtasia for Editing, Capturing and Animating (Easy)

If you are a new to editing, have a video project to complete or simply need to capture reference media with Camtasia's screen record feature. Watch this video for a complete overview of…

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PowerPoint Presentation to a Video with Good Audio

How to PowerPoint Presentation in to a Video with Good Audio, this shows you how to record your presentation with a microphone so that the audio quality is improved, this then shows you how to export…

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Introduction to Insta360 Studio

Help get your 360 media converted to be able to upload and use on WondaVR.

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Quick Start Guide - Insta360 ONE X2

How to set up and use the Insta 360 ONE X2 for capturing and editing 360 video

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IT Services Creative Media Service Promo 2022

Short video showing what the Creative Media Service has to offer both staff and students at The University of Sheffield.

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3.6 Introducting to concept of digital literacies and the 5 C's

The expanding role of digital media in children’s lives has been an increasingly important issue for education for the last twenty years.Research often finds that teaching literacies in schools…

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3.3b Past, present, and future of videogames

Last week we were introduced to the National Videogames Museum in Sheffield and their Education Director Leah Dungay explained the importance of preserving the history of videogames and their role in…

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1.11 Minecraft - A Parent and Folklorist Perspective

In this video we hear from Dr Cath Bannister, a folklorist, who first tell us about her own children’s enjoyment of Minecraft and then shares an example of children playing their own fantasy…

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Teaching Digital Literacy: Videogames in Education Trailer

Dive into the fascinating world of videogames in education and discover the positive impact games can have on children’s learning. The full course on FutureLearn is available here.

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2.5 Building charcters and avatars

As we have seen, videogame players invest a lot of time in their characters and see avatars as a representation of themselves in digital spaces, but what work goes into designing those characters and…

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