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Lecture Capture: Time travel for students

Hints and tips on using Lecture Capture to effectively support your studies.

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A Truly Interdisciplinary Engineering Degree - General Engineering

If you're passionate about engineering and want to succeed in an increasingly interdisciplinary industry, General Engineering will equip you with a broad-based engineering education, as well as…

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We are Biomedical Science Students!

While life as a Biomedical Science student might seem like 'all work and no play' at times, current student, Syaziyah rewinds her day to show it can actually be quite fun if you make the…

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Day in the Life of two BMS Students

Find out what a typical Uni day shapes up for two of our current students, Oisharja and Reem. One early riser and one not so much! Video made by: Nurkaiyisah Zaal Anuar, Aysha Wahid, Oisharja…

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