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Frequently asked questions: how did you make friends at university?

In today's video, some of our undergraduate students share just a few of the many ways that you can meet people when you join us at Sheffield University Management School and the University of…

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Power Of Sport

Students talk about the power of sport and the impact it has had on their time at the University of Sheffield.

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The social today

Zoe Williams, columnist for the Guardian and New Statesman describes the 'problem' with society today, discussing Game of Thrones and the upper squeezed middle on the way.

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Cities and Crises (and some good news) in comparative perspectives

Sophie Body-Gendrot, a Ph.D from Sciences-Po, Paris, is a Professor of Political Science and American studies at the Sorbonne and Director of the Center for Urban Studies. This keynote talk describes…

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The Antisocial City

Professor Rowland Atkinson is the Research Chair in Inclusive Society at the University of Sheffield, and his interdisciplinary research crosses the boundaries of urban studies, sociology, geography…

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Zoe Williams in Conversation

Professor Rowland Atkinson and Zoe Williams from The Guardian discuss some the issues that have emerged from the conference.

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Social Cleansing us out: Stigmatising and devaluing the working class

This presentation draws upon research within working class communities in Nottingham and East London, families who rely upon public services, welfare benefits and social housing and since 2010 are…

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Introduction to a Conversation on the Pro-Social

Professor Rowland Atkinson introduces some of the themes that will be discussed during the conference.

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