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What Happens in a Police Custody Suite?

In this video, Inspector Ian Hill takes Matthew into a custody suite, a designated area within a police station where those who have been arrested are processed and detained.

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Responding to Incidents

The majority of police work consists of responding to demands made by the public and whatever else may arise in terms of crime and disorder during a shift. This ‘fire brigade’ model of…

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What is Evidence Based Policing?

The vital role of empirical research evidence in informing police training, strategic decision-making and operational practice has long been recognised. In the current climate of evidence-based…

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Who Holds the Police to Account?

In this video, Dr Alan Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), explains the concept of ‘police accountability’, discusses his role in holding the police to…

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Are Crime Rates a Good Measure of Police Effectiveness?

In this video, we talk to the Chief Inspector in charge of the Performance and Governance Unit within South Yorkshire Police. He discusses performance management, the challenges of measuring police…

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Policing Beyond the Police

Our understanding of policing is often state-centred and tends not to take into account the wide range of actors that undertake policing functions. In this video, Professor Adam Crawford, Director…

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Criminologists Watching... The Wire

The Wire is now 15 years old but its themes of simmering social injustices, crises of police legitimacy and the war on drugs are still as cutting as an Omar putdown. University of Sheffield…

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