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Debating Dark Matter: Axions and WIMPS

It's thought that dark matter makes up 85% of the universe, but to date there has been no conclusive proof of its existence. In this podcast, University of Sheffield particle physicists…

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Can we afford to help?

Can the UK afford to help the refugees coming to Europe from Syria and other countries in the Middle East? Or would this strain the resources of the country? James Lewis, PhD candidate at…

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Will allowing refugees in endanger the UK?

Many people sympathise with those they consider to be “genuine” refugees, but they are concerned that hidden amongst them, there will be terrorists who wish to commit violent acts. Over…

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Are they really refugees?

Are the people we see on the news, trying to cross borders or seeking asylum in the UK really refugees? Or do they just want to find better jobs and living conditions? Are they really desperate for…

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Is the City of Sanctuary movement undemocratic?

The aim of the City of Sanctuary movement is to foster a culture of hospitality for people seeking safety in the United Kingdom, especially refugees fleeing war, religious persecution, and ethnic…

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In conversation with Professors Colin Renfrew and John Barrett part 4

John introduces the concept of cognitive archaeology and asks Colin what sort of information do cognitive archaeologists need to develop their thinking?

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Polaritons: light-matter coupling for new technologies

The essential concept of what polaritons are and how they can be used to replace current technology are explained in this short video. Polaritons are not only interesting for possible future…

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Are refugees a threat to the British way of life?

Josh Forstenzer is the Vice-Chancellor's Fellow for the Public Benefit of Higher Education. In this short video essay, Josh discusses the refugee crisis and the effect this may have on the…

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Is the responsibility to help ours?

Jules Holroyd explains the moral imperative for helping refugees. Jules is a Vice Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Sheffield, and her research focusses on topics exploring moral…

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