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14b Example of Brayton cycle

Here I go through an example of a Brayton cycle. I show that, using previous knowledge of devices, we can calculte the heat and work terms for the three devices and therefore work out the efficiency…

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8c Use of thermodynamic tables

Here I show where the various values needed to solve thermodynamics problems can be found from the tables.

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8b Ideal gas laws

Here I show the ideal gas laws. PV=mRT and P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2. I also show how this can be applied to different gases using R=Ru/M

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8a Liquids, gases, and steam diagrams

Here I introduce liquids and gases. I go throught the processes whereby liquids turn to gases. I describe the regions on p-v and t-v diagrams.

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11d Some equations for entropy

I state that entropy is made out of that due to Irreversibility and that due to heat transfer, Q=TdS. Then I derive the entropy change for solids, liquids and ideal gasses.

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10b Polytropic processes

Here I show that the polytropic process is a good way of describing changes in condition for closed systems with ideal gasses. I look at different values of the exponent, n. Then I calculate some at…

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