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Final Year - Careers Service Introduction

Find out how you can prepare for your future career, and how the Careers Service can help.

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Adobe Audition - 9 Exporting Audio

How to export your audio in to a readable format for phones, laptops, google drive and audio streaming services using Adobe Audition, this is the final step in completing your audio project for…

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Premier Pro 8 - Exporting your Project

How to export your project in to video so that it can be played back on a range of devices, **This is an essential process to complete before uploading to Blackboard, YouTube and other sharing…

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So what next? (Careers Service)

Suddenly, you've found yourself at the end of your time at university, and you may be wondering what to do next. It can feel like a scary time, but thankfully the Careers Service is here to help…

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