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Physical Activity and the Body

Cardiorespiratory fitness is a useful way to assess physical fitness and can be objectively measured using an exercise stress test or maximal oxygen uptake test (VO2max). In this video, Michael talks…

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How Can We Improve Our Physical Activity Levels?

Although the benefits of physical activity and exercise are widely acknowledged, many of us can struggle to meet the government recommended levels. In this video, we get some advice from Senior…

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Patients Explain Their Level of Physical Activity

For those with musculoskeletal disorders, pain can be a major barrier to physical activity. In this video, our Patients as Educators explain how they manage their physical activity levels. The…

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What Happens to Our Muscles When We Exercise?

Muscles are integral to the way our body moves. In this video, Michael guides us through a muscle function test with our volunteer Nduka and explains the different types of muscle contractions that…

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Physical Activity Across Our Life Course

In this animation, Michael Trenell, Professor of Metabolism and Lifestyle Medicine at Newcastle University, explores how our changing environment has encouraged increasingly sedentary behaviour and…

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Bitesize X-Lectures: Dr Andrew Chappell

In this lecture, hear Dr Andrew Chappell talk about on doping in sport.

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