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Bright Minds - Urban climate policy

Climate policy in urban areas - The potential and limits of co-production Dr Ryan Bellinson and Professor Beth Perry discuss how their research has provided insights into the role of the public in…

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Landscape50: Ceylan Belek

Ceylan Belek from Martha Schwartz Partners investigates how we can build resilience into our cities

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Landscape50: Nigel Dunnett

Professor Nigel Dunnett explores the fundamental importance of nature in our cities

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Wealthy City - Victoria Bradford Keegan, National Trust

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Wealthy Cities - Clive Wilmer, Sidney Sussex College

John Ruskin; the Victorian art critic, social reformer and philanthropist said "The measure of any great civilisation is its cities and a measure of a city's greatness is to be found in the…

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Wealthy City - Simon Ogden, Sheffield City Council

Simon Ogden, Head of City Regeneration at Sheffield City Council discusses the inequality of public spaces in Sheffield, shares some success stories, and looks towards the future of public spaces and…

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Wealthy City - Kate Genever, Artist

Kate Genever discusses the relevance of Ruskin's essays to artists, and the construction of public spaces and parks today.

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Wealthy City - Carolyn Butterworth, University of Sheffield

Carolyn Butterworth is an architect from the School of Architecture at University of Sheffield. Carolyn describes what informs her practice when working with public spaces, and shares some projects…

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Wealthy City - Al Oswald, University of Sheffield

Al Oswald, Landscape Archaeologist at the University of Sheffield discusses the importance of the properly surveying and researching public spaces and parks, before any planning decisions are made.

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Marcus Westbury: Iterative Cities: Renewal and Revitalisation from the bottom up. Tuesday 11 February 2014.

Marcus Westbury successfully led a pioneering project to bring derelict buildings back into use in Newcastle, Australia’s City of Steel. His scheme turned the area into one of Lonely…

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