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Visiting the home of Pride and Prejudice - Chatsworth House

MA English Literature student Lucinda Weston gives A-level students an interactive tour of Chatsworth House and its grounds. Chatsworth is said to be an inspiration for Jane Austen's novel…

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Revealed: Chatsworth's servants over the centuries

Three PhD students from the School of English have had unprecedented access to previously unseen archives at Chatsworth House for the first time. The findings have revealed fascinating new…

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Material Conditions: The Rise of the Novel

Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was first published in 1813, at a time when literacy and print culture in England underwent a significant expansion. In this video, Dr Joe…

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A Close Reading of Pride and Prejudice

In this video, Joe offers his interpretation of the passage you read in the previous step. Joe demonstrates how the reader gradually enters Elizabeth’s mind here, as the narrative subtly slips…

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Elizabeth at Pemberley

In this video, filmed at Chatsworth House, Joe discusses Elizabeth’s tour of Pemberley’s house and gardens, and what they reveal to her about the owner.

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Research Approaches: Reading Style

In this video, Joe and Adam discuss ‘stylistics’, an approach to reading literature which pays detailed attention to the style in which it is written, and the language it uses. This…

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Putting the Sylph into Context

In this video, Susan visits the Sketch Gallery at Chatsworth House to give an introduction to the Duchess of Devonshire’s novel, ‘The Sylph’.

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A Short Review of Politeness and Sociability

In this video, Susan and Jim Fitzmaurice reflect on the differences in politeness and sociability at Nostell Priory and Chatsworth and the 18th-century fashion for receiving visitors in your…

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Welcome to Special Collections

In order to see the original conditions in which each of our texts would have been presented, we have enlisted the help of the Special Collections Archive at The University of Sheffield. From these…

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Making Meaning Through Close Reading

In this video Susan Fitzmaurice, Professor of English Language at the University of Sheffield’s School of English, looks at what we mean by ‘close textual analysis’ or ‘close…

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Literature of the English Country House (trailer)

A journey through the literature of English country houses from the time of Thomas More to Oscar Wilde The country house has…

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