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Graduation Ceremonies 21 July 2022 12.15pm

Graduation July 2022

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Learning with the Creative Media Service- Education Celebration Submission 2022

The Creative Media Service is a free media education department for the staff and students of the University of Sheffield. Training that the service provides aims to instil technical confidence in…

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Varsity 2022 highlights

A highlight reel of Varsity 2022

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Graduation 2022: Doffing your cap

We're so excited to welcome you to your graduation! Due to Covid-19, instead of shaking hands with the presiding officer, you will doff your cap.

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Class of 2022 - Graduation at Sheffield

Congratulations to all our graduates in the Class of 2022, we can't wait to celebrate with you at your Graduation ceremonies.

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Welcome Class of 2023

This video introduces you to some of the support we can offer the graduating class.

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