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How to submit your video assignment to MOLE - April 2019

April 2019 version, Graham McElearney

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Navonna Garrett Video Presentation

Literature Review Video Presentation.

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Editing, Deleting and Reordering in MOLE

This video will guide you through the process of editing, deleting and reordering content in MOLE.

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Danger of written feedback: In-the-moment video feedback for online counselling students' role play assessment

Although written feedback has several advantages, it lacks being able to convey spoken emotions (e.g., Mehrabian's communication studies). Despite the importance of emotions and feedback in…

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How to add a video submission assignment point into your MOLE course

Instructions on how to create a Kaltura video submission point for your students in MOLE, including how to use the demo clip for students to watch when submitting.

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WRLTF 11th April 2018 Graham McElearney

Graham McElearney first session at the WRLTF meeting, 11April 2018. In this session Graham gives an overview of how The University of Sheffield set up their new Digital Media Hub, based on the…

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Adobe Premiere CC - (8) Creating Captions / Subtitles

Getting started with Adobe Premiere CC, this tutorial guides you through the creation of captioning (subtitles) for your video.

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Dr Graham McLearney - Digital Media Options

Dr Graham McElearney talks about video creation and research for science communication as part of the Bite Size Guide to Research in the 21st Century series hosted by Andy Tattersall at ScHARR

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Creating Captions with Adobe Premiere

How to add captions to a video in Adobe Premiere.

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Card Interface 2

This is a test of a new video upload to embed

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Kaltura Video Quiz - Inserting into MOLE

This screencast describes the two ways you can insert a video quiz into your MOLE course. Using the mashup tool will insert the video quiz in to your MOLE course, but student results will not appear…

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How to create a Kaltura Video Quiz

This is a Video Quiz about using the Kaltura Video Quiz feature. This video quiz is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of using Kaltura Video Quiz.

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Creating Content Practicals: Making short video collections to support learning and research - Andy Tattersall

Andy Tattersall looks at making short video collections to support learning and research, showing that making quick, low-budget video and animation collections can be used to inform learners and…

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Urban Studies & Planning: Using the mobile HTC Vive VR Kit

This instructional video provides guidance on transporting, setting up, using and packing away the HTC Vive VR Kit which is available for students of the Department for Urban Studies & Planning…

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Top tips: Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming more popular with employers as the next step in the recruitment process once you have been shortlisted. Some employers prefer live interviews via services such as Skype,…

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