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Maths Anxiety

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Maths anxiety is a particular type of anxiety that affects a person’s reasoning ability when confronted with mathematics. It usually…

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The Sound of Science - teaser

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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How to book Assistive Spaces

This helpful guide will show you how to book Assistive Spaces using the Connect2 Resource Booking system.

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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Tim Birkhead - Bird Sense

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Tim Birkhead's book "Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird", as well as from the author himself. There has never been a…

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Undergraduate study in Mathematics and Statistics at Sheffield

Our mathematics and statistics courses teach you the fundamental principles behind these important and fascinating subjects. You'll be able to focus on the areas that interest you the most and…

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Sample lecture with Dr Sam Marsh

Dr Sam Marsh from the School of Mathematics and Statistics gives a short sample lecture on hyperbolic identities.

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PebblePad - Getting started with Workbooks

A brief guide to creating Workbooks in PebblePad, the eportfolio and personal development system.

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A flipped classroom approach to teaching basic maths skills

Although numerical competence is essential for success in the biological sciences, a number of students at this institution and others struggle with their maths skills and confidence. Rebecca Barnes,…

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Resubmitting your thesis

A quick guide to resubmitting your research degree thesis after major amendments.

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So, you want to submit your thesis...

A quick guide to how to submit a research degree thesis.

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Science Communication MSc

The Science Communication MSc at the University of Sheffield allows you to explore your creative voice within the dynamic field of SciComm. Gain the creative media, journalistic and critical…

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WRLTF 11 April 2018 Rebecca Barnes - A flipped classroom maths module for biosciences

Rebecca Barnes, from the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at The University of Sheffield, describes a flipped module she has created to tackle "maths anxiety" amongst…

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10 billion: Research project: Drones, data and food security

Weeds represent a serious threat to global food security, contributing to significant losses in crop yields.In this video, Professor Robert Freckleton from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences…

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Using Scopus

A guide on using the Scopus database. Scopus is an abstract and citation database from Elsevier which offers a comprehensive overview of international research output in the fields of science,…

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MASH at the University of Sheffield

Maths and stats at university can be very different to what you’re used to. But fear not: MASH - The Maths and Statistics help service is here to support you throughout your time at Sheffield.…

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Sir Hans Krebs and the Krebs Cycle

An animation that introduces Sir Hans Krebs and the Krebs cycle, and how his legacy lives on today at the University of Sheffield, with the pioneering research centres - The Florey Institute, the…

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