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Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle as a tool when reflecting on an experience. Description - what happened Feelings - what were you…

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Dr Rachael Rothman

Dr Rachael Rothman is a senior lecturer in the department of Chemiscal and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Her research is on the development and analysis of sustainable…

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Becoming Like God: Plato on Ethical Ascent

Professor Angie Hobbs gave the first talk in our new series of interdisciplinary talks 'God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics' on 11th October 2016 at Sheffield Cathedral.She…

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Project SunbYte: Outreach

The Sheffield University Nova Balloon Lifted Solar Telescope (SunbYte) is a high-altitude balloon experiment devised and run largely by students at the University of Sheffield. Watch to find out a…

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What is critical thinking?

A film created by the University Library responding to the question: What is critical thinking?

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A Message for students doing ThinkCreate next year

External stakeholders, along with colleagues from around the university discuss some of the benefits ThinkCreate brings to our students. ThinkCreate is quite different to a normal week at university,…

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What do the students think about the module?

Hear directly from the students who participated in Talking the Talk - Getting Science on Film.

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What is 'Talking the Talk' all about?

This video provides an overview of the APS 279 'Talking the Talk' module, from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. It provides the pedagogical background and detailed description…

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