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Children's Use of Technology and Apps - Jackie Marsh

Professor Jackie Marsh talks about her study in collaboration with CBeebies looking at young children's play and creativity when using tablets and apps.

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Family Pop-up Maker Spaces - Jackie Marsh

Getting creative with our experts! Jackie Marsh is Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield, her maker spaces feature a virtual reality exhibition, 3D printing and lots of maker kits for…

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Maker Spaces in Early Childhood Education - Jackie Marsh

Looking at Jackie's work on - a project exploring ‘maker culture' in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills.

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32-B reflection of gluteus maximus

Dissection of the gluteus maximus muscle, division of the origin and reflection of the muscle laterally to expose the deep structures of the buttock.

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MSc Real Estate Programmes

Director of Real Estate programmes Dr Sarah Payne discusses our MSc Real Estate and MSc Real Estate Planning & Development. Our Real Estate courses are professionally accredited by the Royal…

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Astrocyte senescence - Katherine White

Astrocyte senescence as a component of Alzheimer's disease

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Overview of the GI Tract

This video is is intended to help facilitate the revision for level 1 biomedical science students, specifically for the BMS109 Physiology and Pharmacology module; and providing an overview of the…

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Real Estate Field Class to London

Director of Real Estate Programmes Dr Sarah Payne and students on their recent field class to London to look at the new King's Cross redevelopment. Find out more about our Real Estate courses…

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Criminal Investigation Extras

Three detectives from South Yorkshire Police discuss aspects of their jobs and the criminal investigation procedures.

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discovering digital

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What is the Sound of Science?

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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JL Cat Mad

JL Cat Mad testing for lip sync

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LM Peter Piper

Luke Miller Peter Pier video to show sync issues

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Flight test on board a jet stream aircraft - Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

As part of our innovative Aircraft Dynamics and Control module, students get to experience a test flight on board a jet stream aircraft at Cranfield University in year three. The aim of this module…

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24-F three layers of spermatic fascia

Formation of the three coverings of the spermatic cord and testis

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