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Teacher Training and Development - English Language Teaching Centre

Learn more about our Teacher Training and Development programmes, including Cambridge Assessment English CELTA & Delta, at The University of Sheffield's English Language Teaching Centre…

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27-D Female internal genitalia

Demonstration of the female internal genitalia shown using a sagittal bisection of the pelvis. Structures which lie off the midline.

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Get the Library Bug... #ShefLibraryBug

For a chance to win a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, follow us on social media…

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Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle as a tool when reflecting on an experience. Description - what happened Feelings - what were you…

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PebblePad - marking work

How to mark work as a tutor in PebblePad.

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PebblePad - Setting up a Workspace (part 2)

This video looks at the settings you will need to set up a Workspace in PebblePad

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PebblePad - Setting up a Workspace (part 1)

How to set up a PebblePad ATLAS workspace via MOLE.

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PebblePad - creating an asset from a resource

Creating an Asset from Resource in PebblePad

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PebblePad - Getting started with Workbooks

A brief guide to creating Workbooks in PebblePad, the eportfolio and personal development system.

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A programme-level approach to supporting student development using PebblePad

The session from Dr Emma Gregory focuses on the development of a PebblePad workbook which aims to support the personal, clinical and professional development of speech and language therapy students…

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iDig Artefacts and Environmental Samples

This video shows you step by step procedures for handling artefacts and environmental samples on an archaeological excavation.

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The power of digital artefacts

Digtially shareable artefacts are one of the key outputs of ThinkCreate. Although quite different to the normal university essay or presentation, they are still extraordinary powerful, and foster…

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