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301 Study Skills Advice for New Students

This short video provides a compilation of tips and advice from Study Skills Advisers and Tutors at 301 Academic Skills Centre for new starters at the University of Sheffield.

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Reflecting on Your Academic Progress

Throughout your time at university, you will be asked to think and write reflectively. Sometimes what we’ve learned from an activity or piece of work isn’t always obvious, which is why we…

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Planning and Delivering Presentations

Planning and Delivering Presentations

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Putting Your Feedback Into Practice in Academia and Beyond

A digital workshop, suitable for students working remotely, on the theme of understanding and getting the most out of feedback. Special focus on using feedback as a transferable skill.

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Online remote assessment - Essay-Based Exams

A video workshop on the subject of dealing with online timed assessments, focussing on essay-style questions

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Academic Skills Essentials for remote working v2

A basic guide to independent study methods and techniques to help students in a time of remote working

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Speed Reading: Strategies and Techniques

A course on speed reading. Including techniques to practice.

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Paraphrasing and Using Academic Sources

A 301 digital workshop video on the various techniques for referring to literature sources in your academic writing, to inform your arguments.

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Mind Mapping

A session on mind mapping your academic work. Including why and when mind maps can be useful, and some guidance on how to go about using them.

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Academic Writing - Self-diagnostic Session

A 301 video workshop on the theme of diagnosing your academic writing, accentuating strengths and addressing weaknesses.

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Techniques for Proofreading

Proofreading your own work can be difficult as you are often pressed for time and might find it difficult to read your own writing objectively. This video will help you to make the most of your…

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301 Lecture Session: Dissertation Writing Essentials

This lecture session looks at the initial stages of preparing for a large-scale dissertation project. It will focus on some established ways to develop a topic and plan that will allow you to produce…

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301 Study Skills Lecture: Writing a Literature Review

This lecture session looks at the role and purpose of a literature review and identify strategies that you can use to write a literature review as part of an extended essay, dissertation or thesis.…

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Lecture Capture: Time travel for students

Hints and tips on using Lecture Capture to effectively support your studies.

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Sun Diagrams

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre A sun diagram can be used as a brain dump to get out all the information you have about a topic in one place. The basic principles are that…

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Paragraph Structure

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. The topic sentence - a general statement that states the main idea Explanation or Definition - clarifies any difficult or unclear terms in the…

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