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Things are going downhill fast: Understanding massive landslides, by Professor Dave Petley, Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Please note, due to technical issues on the night, this video is of Professor Petley's slides, with his voice accompanying them, rather than a direct video of him speaking at the lecturn. There…

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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Buick Davison - Steel Designers' Manual

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Steel Designers' Manual, edited by Professor Buick Davison. This classic manual on structural steelwork design was first published in 1955,…

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Neepsend: An Education Hub

We followed a group during the two day project, and in this video they describe their proposal to develop Neepsend. Find out about their plans to turn Neepsend into an education hub, incorporating a…

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The alumni contribution to the project

Andrew Jackson graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2005, and was able to come back to Sheffield and speak to students taking part in the project. Now a partner at Foster + Partners…

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What is the Neepsend Sustainable Development Project?

The Neepsend Sustainable Development project is an interdisciplinary, two day event that enables students to design a sustainable vision for the Neepsend area of Sheffield. Organised by the…

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What is Materials Science

What is Materials Science? We see materials in our everyday lives, Materials Scientists and Engineers understand the materials - how they work on an atomic scale and how they perform in full scale.…

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Mike's building: The Sheffield Conservatoire

Join Michael Durkin, MEng Structural Engineering & Architecture student as he describes the process of designing a new School of Music for the University of Sheffield: The Sheffield…

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Structural Colour

During 2016 Paul Evans was artist in residence within the Department of Physics at the University of Sheffield. Paul worked with Professor Richard Jones and his research team, studying structural…

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After Graduation| What Next? Rebecca's Story

Civil & Structural Engineering Graduate Rebecca tells us about her plans after Graduation and how the Sheffield Graduate Award helped with her plans.

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The Colour of Enlightenment

Every day we are surrounded by a world of living colour, but what is the science behind the green of a spring leaf or the red of blood? Why can’t a dog see a red ball on green grass, but a bee…

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