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Salma's story - Sheffield Scholarships

Medical student Salma shares her story, about how she came to Sheffield, her aspirations for the future, and how her scholarship is helping make it possible. …

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Why students need your help - Sheffield Scholarships

Joe Woolway, Senior Financial Support Officer at the University shares why Scholarships are such a vital form of support for students at Sheffield. …

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Myra Mufti - Recipient of Allan and Nesta Ferguson scholarship

Myra recieved the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Masters Scholarshp in September 2018 when she joined us to study MSc International Social Change and Policy.

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ScHARR Short Course - An Introduction to using Social Media to Communicate Research

The treadmill of academia is a relentless one: proposal, research, write, present and then hopefully publish before starting all over again, all in the hope that the research is recognised as being…

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Meet one of our student callers

Every year a team of current students from the University call our alumni to check in on what they are doing now, reminisce about their time at Sheffield, and update them on what life at the…

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Project Sunbyte: The Telescope

Watch members of the Project Sunbyte student team describe how the telescope works. Find out the differences between Sunbyte and a ground-based telescope, discover how Sunbyte is able to track the…

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Amy Huxtable - Communications: A pathway to impact

Communication can often provide a significant and successful pathway to impact and media coverage has opened doors to enable our researchers to change health guidelines, influence government policy…

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Professor Alasdair Rae - Open access, open data, open research: mapping US megaregions and making new friend

In this short talk Alasdair will discuss the value of doing 'open' research. That is, doing research which is not hidden behind a paywall and where the underlying data is made freely…

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Dr John Holmes - In at the deep end: Lessons learned from a crash course in public and policy engagement

Dr John Holmes reflects on lessons learned on the job during seven years of presenting evidence on increasing the price of alcohol to policy-makers, practitioners, journalists and the public. The…

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Dr Chris Blackmore - #HappySheffield

Dr Chris Blackmore talks about the use of social media as part of his Happy Sheffield project as part of the Bite Size Guide to Research in the 21st Century series at ScHARR

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