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Anatomy of Heart

This video about the heart covers a range of topics including: the function and gross anatomy of the heart, the pathways of the blood through the heart and the embryonic remnants seen in the heart. …

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The Graduate Guide

We have a community of over 180,000 graduates from the University of Sheffield based all around the world. In this video we introduce the Sheffield Alumni, explain who we are, and show you what we…

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Your teeth you are in control

Video from a dentist's perspective

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The Mattress Moment

What use is an old mattress? This is the fascinating story of how our scientists are helping to solve the global food crisis using the most unlikely of materials - a pile of old mattresses.

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Eddie Izzard in conversation

"Do I love Sheffield? I think I do." Watch our exclusive interview with comedian, actor, writer and political activist, Eddie Izzard as he looks back on his time at Sheffield in the 1980s,…

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Sovra Whitcroft - G20 Introduction

Students from the School of East Asian Studies visited the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan in June 2019.

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Little Tales of Joy in Research by Heloise Stevance

A large number of reports about the mental health and wellbeing of researchers and academics in HE keep reminding us that things are not very rosy at the moment. Much of what is being written about…

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New compound which kills antibiotic resistant superbugs discovered

A new compound developed by University of Sheffield experts has killed antibiotic resistant gram-negative bacteria, including E. coli, during tests

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Combined examples of ends

Simon Willerton from the School of Mathematics and Statistics looks at combined examples of ends

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Revealed: Chatsworth's servants over the centuries

Three PhD students from the School of English have had unprecedented access to previously unseen archives at Chatsworth House for the first time. The findings have revealed fascinating new insights…

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Celebrating 100 Years of Sport at Sheffield

Today's sporting students look back at the important role sport has played at the University over the past century.

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Dominic West: What Sheffield means to me

Watch our film featuring award-winning actor, Dominic West, as he returned to his home city to receive an Honorary Degree from the University of Sheffield.

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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Ronald Illingworth - The Normal Child

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Ronald Illingworth's influential book "The Normal Child". Born in Harrogate in 1909, Ronald Stanley Illingworth was a pioneer in…

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Dr Jill Edmondson on myHarvest

Scientists at the University of Sheffield need your help in tracking how much fruit and vegetables are grown in gardens and allotments across the UK. Jill Edmonson explains how you can get involved

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First footage of otter in the Peak District

Otter numbers crashed in the UK becoming locally extinct in much of England by the 1970s. Bans on pesticides, legal protection, improvements in water quality and targeted conservation effort have led…

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