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lunchBytes #2 - Jupyter Notebooks - pros and cons

This work is licensed under Note Video starts part way through first talk. LunchBytes is a new monthly series of short talks for those in the research…

From  William Furnass on October 7th, 2020 0 likes 25 plays 0  

LunchBytes talks #1: writing safer (Python) code

The first in a new monthly series of short talks for those in the research community at TUOS who work with/write code, use/manage research data and use/manage research infrastructure. We hope…

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Numerical Simulation of Ferromagnetism

This is an example of a 2D Ising model of ferromagnetism which is a project undertaken in PHY236: Computational Physics. This project is used to study the temperature dependence of phase transitions…

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Basic Concepts of Computers and Programming

As the first lecture in this series we will start with an overview of basic concepts related to programming including: - Basic computer science - Compiled and interpreted programming languages -…

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Using Python via CoCalc or Anaconda

Here I give a quick overview regarding two options for coding in Python: online via local install via Anaconda This video is part of the "Programming in Python" module taught…

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Running Python code online via CoCalc

CoCalc enables us to programme online without the need to install any software. Here I show how we can run Python code on CoCalc in the form of:Script Interpreter Jupyter notebook

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