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Dawn Teare - STRI symposium 2015

The COST Consortium. - framework for improving the design and analysis of lab-based research.

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Labwork in MEng Engineering

Practical lab work is an integral part of the MEng Engineering degree. Find out how the material taught in lectures is closely linked to the labs, and how we maximise the time spent in the labs. …

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Atomic Structures Lab

Join the MEng Engineering students for one of their labs on atomic structures. Find out why it's important for us to understand, and work with structures at an atomic level, and discover the…

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Behind the lab door

"Claudine Bisson is encouraging scientists to share via short video the work that they do or information about techniques, methodology or equipment available to facilitate collaboration with…

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What is 'Talking the Talk' all about?

This video provides an overview of the APS 279 'Talking the Talk' module, from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. It provides the pedagogical background and detailed description…

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