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The 2018 Basil Hicks Lecture - Britain's Security: Maritime Strategy - What next? Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE, Former Director General of Border Force, and Honorary Graduate of the University of Sheffield

Thursday 8 November, Students' Union Auditorium We were delighted to welcome Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE to the University on Thursday 8 November to deliver the Basil Hicks…

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Landscape50: Ceylan Belek

Ceylan Belek from Martha Schwartz Partners investigates how we can build resilience into our cities

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Hidden history: Rebuilding Sheffield Castle

There's a castle underneath Sheffield, buried for four hundred years. So why does no-one know about it?Working from previously unexplored archives and making use of exciting new technologies,…

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Atomic Structures Lab

Join the MEng Engineering students for one of their labs on atomic structures. Find out why it's important for us to understand, and work with structures at an atomic level, and discover the…

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The 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial Lecture. What will the NHS be facing on its 90th birthday?

We were delighted to welcome Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health, to the University on Thursday 15 February to deliver the 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial…

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Bitesize X lecture: Professor Allan Pacey

In this r-rated lecture, Professor Allan Pacey talking about how doctors help preserve the fertility of young people diagnosed with cancer

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Bitesize X-Lectures:Dr Simona Francese

In this lecture, Dr Simona Francese (Sheffield Hallam University) talking about detecting drug abuse from fingerprints.

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Bitesize X-Lectures: Dr Andrew Chappell

In this lecture, hear Dr Andrew Chappell talk about on doping in sport.

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Bitesize X lectures: Dr Rhona Snook

In this lecture,Dr Rhonda Snook discusses the birds and the bees – but flies are more interesting

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Wealthy City - Victoria Bradford Keegan, National Trust

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David Willetts In Conversation

David Willetts’ career began as a civil servant at 10 Downing Street under Margaret Thatcher. He was elected to Parliament in 1992 as the MP for Havant and was Minister of State for…

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Frances O'Grady: In Conversation

Frances became the General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in January 2013, the first woman ever to hold this post. With 54 affiliated unions representing 6.2 million working people from…

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The State of Trust in Election Year

Sir Nigel’s lecture is based around the findings of the second Populus report, published last year by his firm, DLA Piper, which examined the state of trust between the political class,…

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After the Armistice: Europe's Turbulent Peace, 1919-1923

Why did all the hopes at the end of the First World War fade so rapidly in its immediate aftermath? Why was there such massive social, economic and political turmoil? Yet why, during the postwar…

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The Rise of Innovation Districts

Bruce visited Sheffield in January 2015, and spoke about the potential that Innovation Districts may have on a place like Sheffield, and the surrounding area. Bruce Katz is a global expert on the…

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"In search of a better life? The health of the urban poor in African cities." - Professor Nyovani Madise

Rural-to-urban migration in Africa is increasing at a fast pace, fuelled principally by the prospects of a better life in cities. Many such migrants face challenges of unemployment and poor housing…

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