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Numerical Simulation of Ferromagnetism

This is an example of a 2D Ising model of ferromagnetism which is a project undertaken in PHY236: Computational Physics. This project is used to study the temperature dependence of phase transitions…

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Science Communication MSc

The Science Communication MSc at the University of Sheffield allows you to explore your creative voice within the dynamic field of SciComm. Gain the creative media, journalistic and critical…

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We are stardust

Carl Sagan famously said that we are made of starstuff, and that's absolutely right. But what did he mean by that? We asked Professor Simon Goodwin to explain.

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Basic Concepts of Computers and Programming

As the first lecture in this series we will start with an overview of basic concepts related to programming including: - Basic computer science - Compiled and interpreted programming languages -…

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Using Python via CoCalc or Anaconda

Here I give a quick overview regarding two options for coding in Python: online via local install via Anaconda This video is part of the "Programming in Python" module taught…

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Structural Colour

During 2016 Paul Evans was artist in residence within the Department of Physics at the University of Sheffield. Paul worked with Professor Richard Jones and his research team, studying structural…

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Inspirational Academics – Dr Ed Daw

Dr Ed Daw is a Reader/Lecturer in Physics at the University of Sheffield. Ed was part of a team that confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, 100 years after Einstein’s prediction,…

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In conversation with Professor Jim Al-Khalili

University of Sheffield's Professor Tony Ryan turns the table on fellow scientist and author Professor Jim Al-Khalili, presenter of Radio 4’s Life Scientific. The acclaimed interviewer is…

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Polaritons: light-matter coupling for new technologies

The essential concept of what polaritons are and how they can be used to replace current technology are explained in this short video. Polaritons are not only interesting for possible future…

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Project SunbYte: Outreach

The Sheffield University Nova Balloon Lifted Solar Telescope (SunbYte) is a high-altitude balloon experiment devised and run largely by students at the University of Sheffield. Watch to find out a…

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Tips for recording a screencast with Kaltura

Mark Quinn talks you through the process he went through recording the screencasts, and offers some tips for those of you wanting to have a go yourself

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