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General Engineering Taster Lecture

A taster lecture presented by Dr Andy Nichols, General Engineering Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Water Engineering.

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Environmental Science at Sheffield

Find out from Professor Ed Rhodes all about our courses in Environmental Science at the University of Sheffield.

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SEFY Promo – Video One

What is Foundation Year

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Undergraduate Open Day 2020

Find out about the variety of engineering disciplines available to study at the University of Sheffield.

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Virtual Open Day Presentation with Dr Philipp Horn

Our Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Dr Philipp Horn talks through our range of undergraduate courses.

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Pre-application open day talk for foundation years into the Faculty of Engineering

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SEFY Taster Lecture

Taster Lecture on Wind Turbine

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BA (Hons) Digital Media and Society Presentation for Virtual Applicant Day 2020

Dr Ysabel Gerrard, Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Digital Media and Society programme, delivers a presentation on the programme for all Virtual Applicant Day attendees.

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BMS Student Experience 2018

Three current Biomedical Science students, Ebony, Genn and Camilla, share their experiences so far about the Biomedical Science course and adapting to University life in general. Video made by:…

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Chapter and Verse. A Day in the Life of a (rather eccentric) Biomed Student!

Theo's start to the day doesn't go exactly as planned, but ends on a high note - proving that the BMS experience is far from 'all work, and no play'! Video made by: Sam Horton,…

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Martha's Typical Student Day

Martha, a current undergraduate, breaks down her day as a typical Biomedical Science student in this, slightly unusual, but excellent cinematic representation. Video made by: Sam…

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A Day In The Life Of 3 BMS Students

Follow three current undergraduates, Jasmine, Hannah and Thomas, who each share a typical portion of their day as a BMS student. . Video made by: Hannah O'Connor, Jasmine Le Ny, Thomas Burgess

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Day in the Life of two BMS Students

Find out what a typical Uni day shapes up for two of our current students, Oisharja and Reem. One early riser and one not so much! Video made by: Nurkaiyisah Zaal Anuar, Aysha Wahid, Oisharja…

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