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Supporting the study of Skomer's seabirds

Professor Tim Birkhead has been based at the University of Sheffield for over 40 years. Throughout that period, he’s been carrying out an annual population study of the guillemots that breed on…

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Headstart Summer School

This week, the Department of Geography hosted the first Headstart summer school for Environmental Sciences and Geography. Year 12 students from all over the UK had an opportunity to attend lectures,…

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MSc Energy and Environment Engineering laboratory tour

Dr Mark Ogden takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the C10 Laboratory while you'll be studying here at Sheffield.

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What Does a Future with Robots Look Like?

Each of our educators has a vision for a future with robots. We ask, has learning about the current research and development and where it’s potentially going given you some insight into why…

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How Might Bioinspired Robots Help us in our Future?

We take a look into a realistic future for robots inspired by nature. Emily Collins is a PhD student in Psychology and in this video, she explains her research which explores how human psychology and…

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iDig Artefacts and Environmental Samples

This video shows you step by step procedures for handling artefacts and environmental samples on an archaeological excavation.

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On the tail of invasive grey squirrels

How can scientists track the invasion of new species? Our students explain recent research that is helping find out where our invasive population of grey squirrels is coming from in an effort to…

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