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Scientists observe largest solar flare in 12 years

The Sun’s largest solar flare in more than 12 years – and the eighth largest since modern records began in 1996 – has been captured in high detail by a team of researchers from the…

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Things are going downhill fast: Understanding massive landslides, by Professor Dave Petley, Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Please note, due to technical issues on the night, this video is of Professor Petley's slides, with his voice accompanying them, rather than a direct video of him speaking at the lecturn. There…

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Royce Insitute Introduction

Background to the Royce@Sheffield and the Royce Translational Centre.

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Forensic Scientists Watching TV

How would Sherlock get on in a real crime scene? What crucial clue does Silent Witness need to pick up on? We asked two of our Forensic Science students to dissect the BBC's finest detectives!

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Pharmacology: Basic Terminology

This video is helpful as a revision guide for level 2 Biomedical Science students and covers a section of the Core Physiology and Pharmacology taught in this year. The video may also provide a useful…

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Overview of the GI Tract

This video is is intended to help facilitate the revision for level 1 biomedical science students, specifically for the BMS109 Physiology and Pharmacology module; and providing an overview of the…

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The Heart

This whiteboard-type animation of the heart provides an overview of the basic anatomy and blood flow through the heart as well as electrical stimulation and information about causes and treatments…

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A History of Nerve Agents

This presentation is a short animation style video explaining how nerve agents function and why they are so deadly. The presentation is aimed at anyone over16 years and over, and especially useful…

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Implicit Bias and Stereotype threat in academia 2019

A lecture delivered by Jennifer Saul on 28th January 2019

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Dr Gwen Reilly (Bioengineering Lecturer) - Wall of Women - The University of Sheffield

Our engineering diversity. As part of The University of Sheffield's 'Women in Engineering Initiative' we are interviewing our female engineers, past, present and future to talk about…

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What is the Sound of Science?

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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Research Professionalism & Integrity introduction lecture 2018

A lecture given by Professor Tony Ryan on research professionalism and integrity as part of a compulsory module for PhD students in the Faculty of Science. Followed by a panel discussion with other…

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Sound of Science - Highlights

Sound of Science - Highlights

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What is CRISPR?

MSc Science Communication student Ellasin Chandrasma produced this video on CRISPR as part of her work for 'Topical Science', a module which explores the current hot topics in science, and…

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Inside The Diamond Teaching Clean Room - Dr. Gavin Williams, the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE)

Dr. Gavin Williams gives a short tour around the Teaching Clean Room in The Diamond which EEE students use throughout their time at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE). The…

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Spectacular star system discovered which could explode to create powerful cosmic firework display

A spectacular star system wrapped in an elegant spiral dust cloud has been discovered by astronomers. The system is believed to contain a star that is spinning extremely fast, which could produce one…

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