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34-E Bones of the foot

Description of the bones of the foot

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Family Pop-up Maker Spaces - Jackie Marsh

Getting creative with our experts! Jackie Marsh is Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield, her maker spaces feature a virtual reality exhibition, 3D printing and lots of maker kits for…

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Celebrating 40 years of Korean Studies

2019 marks 40 years since SEAS began teaching Korean Studies. To celebrate our anniversary we commissioned two giant tradition Korean Totem Pole carvings. Created by artist Jinsik Kim, these Totem…

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2 How to Introduce the CBT Guide

How to introduce the CBT guide

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Salma's story - Sheffield Scholarships

Medical student Salma shares her story, about how she came to Sheffield, her aspirations for the future, and how her scholarship is helping make it possible. …

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Why students need your help - Sheffield Scholarships

Joe Woolway, Senior Financial Support Officer at the University shares why Scholarships are such a vital form of support for students at Sheffield. …

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30-B Dorsum of hand

Description of the anatomy of the dorsum of the hand including the interossei muscles

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29-H Interossei

Description of the interossei muscles

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29-C Hand blood supply

Description of the blood supply to the hand; the ulna and radial arteries and the deep and superficial palmar arches.

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29-B Exposing the palmar structures

Exposing the structures in the palm of the hand

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Myra Mufti - Recipient of Allan and Nesta Ferguson scholarship

Myra recieved the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust Masters Scholarshp in September 2018 when she joined us to study MSc International Social Change and Policy.

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The 2018 Basil Hicks Lecture - Britain's Security: Maritime Strategy - What next? Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE, Former Director General of Border Force, and Honorary Graduate of the University of Sheffield

Thursday 8 November, Students' Union Auditorium We were delighted to welcome Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE to the University on Thursday 8 November to deliver the Basil Hicks…

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Supporting the study of Skomer's seabirds

Professor Tim Birkhead has been based at the University of Sheffield for over 40 years. Throughout that period, he’s been carrying out an annual population study of the guillemots that breed on…

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Higher Education - Past, Present and Future with Sir Michael Barber, Chair, Office for Students

Higher Education - Past, Present & Future with Sir Michael Barber, Lord Blunkett, Shakira Martin and Harry Anderson On Thursday 4 October we were delighted to welcome to the University, Sir…

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Meet one of our student callers

Every year a team of current students from the University call our alumni to check in on what they are doing now, reminisce about their time at Sheffield, and update them on what life at the…

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