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Dean's List winners - Class of 2019 | Sheffield University Management School

This prestigious award is a real opportunity for ambitious students looking to gain recognition of their academic, employability, and social responsibility-related achievements since starting at…

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Studying at SUMS as an international student

International students explain why they chose to study at Sheffield University Management School and what they like about studying here. Sheffield University Management School is a Triple Crown…

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Research Data Management

Research Data Management workshop delivered by Jennifer Smith (Scholarly Communications Librarian) for 1st year PhD students in the Faculty of Science.

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201902 SRM Change of Status Bitesize Demo

February 2019 Student Records Management Change of Status Bitesize Demo

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How to beat digital distraction and write more episode 11 - How to reference your research well

In this short series of podcasts I want to help you be more productive with your writing and help you get things done. In this podcast I want to discuss the kind of things that will help your writing…

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SRM Research Student Management

SLP PGR Project WorkshopWednesday, 5 December09:30 – 12:00CICS Training Room 108, Computer Centre Hounsfield Road7 guests7 yesHelen GrindleyOrganiserchris.bennett@tribalgroup.comChristina J…

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Lunch and Learn - Prosci Change Management Overview

This is a recording of the Lunch and Learn session on Change Management, which was delivered on 16 October. It is intended for all SLP staff to give an overview of the Prosci Change Management…

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Pomodoro Technique

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. The Pomodoro technique helps to break down work into intervals separated by short breaks. Pomodoros are 25-minute bursts of work which keep…

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SRM User Group Meeting (31 Jul 18)

You can jump straight to the section you need by clicking the ☰ chapters button in the top-left corner of the video player. Student Lifecycle Project Student Records Management Workstream User Group…

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Using breaks to boost student creativity

This talk is based on recently published research carried out by Dermot Breslin, Sheffield University Management School. In the first part of the presentation, findings from an experimental study…

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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Enhancing the quality, consistency and efficiency of assessment feedback using Turnitin

The 2016 NSS indicates that the University of Sheffield’s performance on indicators relating to the quality and timeliness of feedback is lagging behind the national average. However,…

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Danger of written feedback: In-the-moment video feedback for online counselling students' role play assessment

Although written feedback has several advantages, it lacks being able to convey spoken emotions (e.g., Mehrabian's communication studies). Despite the importance of emotions and feedback in…

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Knoop Lecture 2017: Sir David Metcalf, Director of Labour Market Enforcement

The new role in the UK of the Director of Labour Market Enforcement is to set out a strategy to coordinate the work for all employment enforcement bodies to stamp out the exploitation of workers.…

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Jez Cope - Research Data Management

Jez Cope from the University Library talks about Research Data Management as part of the Bite Size Guide to Research in the 21st Century series hosted by Andy Tattersall at ScHARR

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Creating a Rubric in Turnitin

The video shows how staff can create a rubric or Grading Form in Turnitin for use with a Turnitin assignment. This can be done via the Turnitin assignment inbox or via feedback studio itself.

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Accessing Students Work in Turnitin

This video shows how staff can access students work submitted to Turnitin. This can be done either via the Turnitin option in Course Tools or via the Grade Centre

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