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Create Journals in MOLE

Create Journals in MOLE

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The 13th Roberts Lecture. University Teaching in a Post-Knowledge Age by Professor Neil Rackham

On Wednesday 27 March, the 13th Roberts Lecture was delivered by alumnus, honorary graduate and experimental psychologist Professor Neil Rackham. Professor Rackham’s lecture, ‘University…

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30-G Opening the elbow joint

Disection to open the elbow joint and description of the internal anatomy

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Understanding How You Learn

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Visual - colourful note cards, pictures, mind maps, videos, flowcharts, colours and symbols to denote themes/key ideas. Auditory - Recordings…

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How to book Assistive Spaces

This helpful guide will show you how to book Assistive Spaces using the Connect2 Resource Booking system.

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Get the Library Bug... #ShefLibraryBug

For a chance to win a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, follow us on social media…

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Clearing and Adjustment Helpline 2018

University of Sheffield staff talk about their experiences taking part in the Clearing and Adjustment Helpline.

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PebblePad - marking work

How to mark work as a tutor in PebblePad.

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PebblePad - Setting up a Workspace (part 2)

This video looks at the settings you will need to set up a Workspace in PebblePad

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PebblePad - Setting up a Workspace (part 1)

How to set up a PebblePad ATLAS workspace via MOLE.

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PebblePad - creating an asset from a resource

Creating an Asset from Resource in PebblePad

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PebblePad - Getting started with Workbooks

A brief guide to creating Workbooks in PebblePad, the eportfolio and personal development system.

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Using Sensus Access

Sensus Access software is available for anyone with a print based disability, including students with dyslexia or a visual impairment. Watch this screencast to learn how to convert PDF, JPEG,…

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Using ebooks effectively (4/5): Accessibility tools

Learn how to enhance the accessibility of eBooks when using the University Library's three major suppliers: Proquest Ebook Central, Dawsonera and VLEBooks.Watch our video series Using ebooks…

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My Clearing experience at the University of Sheffield

Rosie Ogunade talks about how the University of Sheffield helped her find a place through Clearing and Adjustment.

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