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Journalism students describe the city of Sheffield

A group of our undergraduates pick out some of their favourite qualities of the city that's been home for the past three years. Some recurrent themes emerge...

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Describe your experience as a Sheffield journalism student

Final-year students from our BA Journalism Studies degree sum up their experience with us, touching upon their learning highlights, careers preparation, making friends, and succeeding despite the…

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Introducing... Matt Robson

Broadcast journalism tutor Matt Robson on what he loves about teaching, his old job with the BBC, the future of his profession, why he doesn't want to leave Sheffield, and why video editing is…

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Why did you choose journalism at Sheffield?

Students explain why they decided to enrol on the University of Sheffield's BA Journalism Studies degree, highlighting: the great study facilities knowledgeable and friendly teaching staff…

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Using Nexis

Nexis is a database that provides news content from a range of sources. Use Nexis to find news content from UK national and regional newspapers, international newspapers, newswires, and foreign…

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BA Digital Media & Society themed routes

The BA Digital Media and Society team at the University of Sheffield introduce you to the themed routes you can choose to take through the programme, in either Education, Marketing and Consumer…

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Introducing... Dr Dmitry Chernobrov

In the first of a new series introducing academic staff from the Department of Journalism Studies, Dr Dmitry Chernobrov discusses what he loves about teaching, why he joined the University of…

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BA Journalism Studies at Sheffield: course overview for applicants

An overview of content on the BA Journalism Studies degree, from course tutor Will Oliphant.

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In depth: Lisa Bradley on the first year of BA Journalism Studies

BA Journalism Studies course leader Lisa Bradley goes into detail about what students can expect on the first year of the degree.

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Photography Composition

This video introduces photography composition for beginners, as well as some simple composition techniques to get you started.

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BA Journalism Studies at Sheffield: a student perspective

For several years Sheffield has been rated among the UK's top universities for journalism studies. In this video our undergraduates talk about how our BA Journalism Studies degree shows the…

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Defining Freedom of the Press: a quick overview

Project leader Dr John Steel introduces Defining Freedom of the Press: a collaborative, comparative study of media regulation and standards in 13 European countries, with potentially major positive…

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What's The Point of News? Tony Harcup introduces his new book

How do we define news? Who is it for? Whose voices does it amplify, and whose does it silence? Dr Tony Harcup of the Department of Journalism Studies tackles all these questions and more in his new…

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Media law and court reporting

Employers in the media need to know that their reporters are fully conversant with the law around journalism. Polly Mosley introduces the subjects of media law and court reporting - fundamentals of…

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Newsdays: where the magic happens

Newsdays are when Sheffield journalism students try out their skills for real, hunting down stories, creating multimedia content and publishing on real, public-facing news sites. Michelle Rawlins…

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Beyond year 1: advancing your media skills

Video editor extraordinaire Matt Robson gives the lowdown on some of the advanced techniques learned by Sheffield journalism students as their BA degree progresses.

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