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The 11th Roberts Lecture. 'What next for cities and the Northern Powerhouse?' by Lord Jim O'Neill

On 24th February 2016, Lord O'Neill delivered our 11th Roberts Lecture, entitled 'What next for cities and the Northern Powerhouse?' Lord O’Neill, who is championing the…

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26-F internal structure of bladder

Internal structure of the urinary bladder

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23-L sensory pathways of the spinal cord

Description of the main sensory pathways of the spinal cord

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General overview of the brain

In this video, Dr Jon Wood gives a general overview of the intact human brain.

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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Buick Davison - Steel Designers' Manual

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Steel Designers' Manual, edited by Professor Buick Davison. This classic manual on structural steelwork design was first published in 1955,…

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In conversation with Professor Jim Al-Khalili

University of Sheffield's Professor Tony Ryan turns the table on fellow scientist and author Professor Jim Al-Khalili, presenter of Radio 4’s Life Scientific. The acclaimed interviewer is…

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