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Supporting the study of Skomer's seabirds

Professor Tim Birkhead has been based at the University of Sheffield for over 40 years. Throughout that period, he’s been carrying out an annual population study of the guillemots that breed on…

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Headstart Summer School

This week, the Department of Geography hosted the first Headstart summer school for Environmental Sciences and Geography. Year 12 students from all over the UK had an opportunity to attend lectures,…

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The good, the bad, and the ugly: Enhancing the quality, consistency and efficiency of assessment feedback using Turnitin

The 2016 NSS indicates that the University of Sheffield’s performance on indicators relating to the quality and timeliness of feedback is lagging behind the national average. However,…

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Danger of written feedback: In-the-moment video feedback for online counselling students' role play assessment

Although written feedback has several advantages, it lacks being able to convey spoken emotions (e.g., Mehrabian's communication studies). Despite the importance of emotions and feedback in…

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MSc Energy and Environment Engineering laboratory tour

Dr Mark Ogden takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the C10 Laboratory while you'll be studying here at Sheffield.

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Creating a Rubric in Turnitin

The video shows how staff can create a rubric or Grading Form in Turnitin for use with a Turnitin assignment. This can be done via the Turnitin assignment inbox or via feedback studio itself.

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Accessing Students Work in Turnitin

This video shows how staff can access students work submitted to Turnitin. This can be done either via the Turnitin option in Course Tools or via the Grade Centre

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Sharing QuickMarks created in Turnitin

This videos shows you the process of how you can share QuickMarks made in Turnitin with your colleagues. This can be particularly useful if you perform team marking and want to ensure consistency…

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Using the Audio Feedback tool in Turnitin

This video will guide you through the use of the Audio Feedback tool within Turnitin Feedback Studio. The tool allows you to give up to 3 minutes of audio alongside a students submission.

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Using layers in Turnitin

This video shows how you can use layers in Turnitin. This enables you to see the originality report, the feedback added to the assignment or both.

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What Does a Future with Robots Look Like?

Each of our educators has a vision for a future with robots. We ask, has learning about the current research and development and where it’s potentially going given you some insight into why…

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Putting The Importance of Being Earnest into Context

The video was filmed in the gift shop at Hardwick Hall, bringing to mind the changes taking place in English country houses that have continued from the time Wilde was writing in the 1890s to the…

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iDig Artefacts and Environmental Samples

This video shows you step by step procedures for handling artefacts and environmental samples on an archaeological excavation.

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On the tail of invasive grey squirrels

How can scientists track the invasion of new species? Our students explain recent research that is helping find out where our invasive population of grey squirrels is coming from in an effort to…

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