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Jacky Marsh REF Impact Case study v1

This is a quick rough edit - well actually the main question about research from Jackie Marsh's FOTM interview

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The new UK research landscape - James Wilsden

Talk by Professor James Wilsden

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How do dogs benefit our mental health?

Do you own a cuddly canine friend? They could be doing you the world of good

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Unwrapped and Discarded

Just what is the zero-waste movement and how can it help you reduce your use of single-use plastic? Our students go on a fact finding mission to fill you in.

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The Secret Bee-hind Drones

As well as pollinating our crops and providing us with honey, bees are now helping scientists build drones! Take a look at how these amazing little creatures are helping us.

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Why aren't we eating insects?

They're full of protein, sustainable, and easy to grow - so why don't more people choose to eat insects? A whistle-stop tour of Sheffield finds that some people are very willing to try!

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Food for Thought

We've all heard of food miles, but is this the most important thing to consider when trying to eat sustainably? Our students look into the benefits of eating seasonally

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Hidden history: Rebuilding Sheffield Castle

There's a castle underneath Sheffield, buried for four hundred years. So why does no-one know about it?Working from previously unexplored archives and making use of exciting new technologies,…

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Andy Tattersall - ScHARR Bite Size on Altmetrics

Andy Tattersall delivers a short talk on Altmetrics and digs through ScHARR's Altmetric data.

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Amy Huxtable - Communications: A pathway to impact

Communication can often provide a significant and successful pathway to impact and media coverage has opened doors to enable our researchers to change health guidelines, influence government policy…

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