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ESRC Humanising Healthcare Update

An update on the research application

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The Factors associated with Student Mental Health - Reviewing the Evidence

This is a recording of our monthly online masterclass by our health research experts based in The School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at The University of Sheffield as we explore topics in…

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ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research 9 - Professor Steven Julious

AbstractClinical research is expensive. For this reason there is a design to undertake studies as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining scientific standards. This presentation will first define…

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Introducing NSHCS: Healthcare Science and the Scientist Training Programme - 2020

The National School of Healthcare Science supports the implementation and delivery of healthcare science education and training programmes. Training staff to work at the highest level in healthcare,…

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2018 ScHARR Pemberton Lecture - Universal Healthcare: The 21st Century's Greatest Healthcare Story - Sir David Nicholson

Universal Healthcare: The 21st Century's Greatest Healthcare StorySir David Nicholson CBE (Former Chief Executive NHS England) 136 countries have signed up to delivering universal healthcare for…

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HAR658 The Social Web and E Health 2018

Welcome to week 4 of HAR658 which looks at the social web and e-health with Andy Tattersall.

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CATCH: The Centre for Assisitve Technology and Connected Healthcare

How CATCH - the University's Centre for Assistive Technology and Healthcare - is driving forward research into new technologies that will enable people to live well and age well. Learn more…

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The 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial Lecture. What will the NHS be facing on its 90th birthday?

We were delighted to welcome Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health, to the University on Thursday 15 February to deliver the 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial…

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An Introduction to Clinical Trials

When undertaking a Health Technology Assessment at ScHARR, there will often be a need for at least one clinical trial to provide evidence of the effectiveness of a new treatment. In this video, we…

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How Does the Media Report on NICE Decisions?

In this video Allan Wailoo, Professor of Health Economics and Director of NICE Decision Support Unit and Mark Strong, Director of the Public Health Section at ScHARR, give their insights on how the…

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An Introduction to Economic Evaluation

Economic evaluation is fundamental to both HTA and to decision making in healthcare. In this video, Professor Simon Dixon explains what economic evaluation is (and what it isn’t) and how this…

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Reviews and Reviewers

In this video, expert reviewers based at ScHARR take us through the review process and what it contributes to HTA. We’ll hear from: - Chris Carroll, Reader in Health Technology Assessment -…

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The Role of Modelling

As a part of the economic evaluation, mathematical modelling can be used to give a broader picture of the longer-term benefits of a treatment. In this video, Professor Alan Brennan explains how…

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Bringing the Data Together

In this video Dr Emma Hock, Research Associate in Systematic Reviewing and Evidence Synthesis at ScHARR, takes us through how the evidence is brought together in a systematic review. Here,…

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Health Technology Assessment (trailer)

Find out how new drugs and treatments are assessed before being introduced in this free online course from the University of Sheffield

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How Do NICE Apply HTA Techniques?

In England and Wales, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) make recommendations to the government about which drugs and treatments to fund. Professor Simon Dixon sits on one…

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