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13a Heat engines

Here I introduce the concept of the heat engine. I define the source and the sink. I then use the first and second laws of thermodynamics to derive the Carnot efficiency. I then point out that the…

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13g Example of throttle and HX

Here I go through the two examples of a throttle and a heat exchanger. I look at the energy equation, and solve that. THen I look at the rate of entropy production. It is positive in both cases…

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7a Overview of the Thermodynamics course

Here I introduce the course, and inform student how they should be studying. I show the week by week plan . Then I go through the syllabus and pick up some of the fundamental concepts I will be…

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12e Heat exchangers

I introduce heat exchangers. Then I look at the heat transfer in them from the point of the first law of Thermodynamics. I then explain the irreversibility in a heat exchanger in terms of entropy. I…

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10d Open Systems and the SFEE

Here I derive the steady flow energy equation for thermal systems. I show how it can be used for calculating the work in an adiabatic process using the gas laws.

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10b Polytropic processes

Here I show that the polytropic process is a good way of describing changes in condition for closed systems with ideal gasses. I look at different values of the exponent, n. Then I calculate some at…

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9a The energy equation

Here I introduce the first law of thermodynamics by thinking about the types of energy that we will deal with. I then shpow that these are interchangeable. Finally, I deduce the energy equation.

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9b Four equations from one

Here I derive the four forms of the energy equation that we will use to solve different types of problem on this course. These are 1)For Closed Systems 2)For Steady Flow Thermal Systems 3)For…

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