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Digital Commons: The Digital Retreats

Dr Kirsten Bartlett (Dept. of Psychology), Dr Bob Johnston (Dept of Archeology) and Dr Emma Jones (Dept of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) talk about their experience of the Digital Retreats for…

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Digital Commons: Lecture Capture

In this session Ali Day (Students Union Education Officer), Matt Cornock (e-learning advisor from York University) and Dr Louise Robson (Department of Biomedical Sciences) shared their experiences of…

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Digital Commons: The Language of Video

Video is increasingly used as a teaching tool. But where do you start?This session aimed to demystify the language of video and give some ideas about what types and styles of video can work well in…

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Digital Commons: Learning Environment

With many elements of the learning environment currently being renewed and reviewed including the VLE, lecture capture, digital media hosting, information literacy strategy etc. student views are…

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Introduction to the Digital University of Sheffield

Introducing an exciting new chapter in our story. The Digital University of Sheffield brings together hundreds of online courses, lectures, debates and discussions on everything from the sounds of…

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Digital Commons: The University Student of 2022

For the first Digital Commons Seminar, we were delighted to be joined by a provocative and inspiring speaker, Bob Harrison. Bob has had extensive experience in schools and colleges as a teacher,…

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Tips for recording a screencast with Kaltura

Mark Quinn talks you through the process he went through recording the screencasts, and offers some tips for those of you wanting to have a go yourself

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