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ScHARR - About the Design Trials and Statistics Group

Design Trials and Statistics (DTS)DTS is one of four academic groups within the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. The other groups are Health Economics…

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About ScHARR's Design Trials and Statistics group

ScHARR Design Trials and Statistics aim to conduct analysis of clinical cost-effectiveness for health technologies. DTS is one of four academic groups within the School of Health and Related…

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Drone Ports for the Sheffield City Region by Vissvesh Jaisimmah and Jinhao Qin 2019

We envisage the coming of the age of Drone Delivery. Similar to a city’s ATMs or bus stops, a network of Drone Ports is proposed as new urban infrastructure for point-2-point goods delivery…

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CEE VR - a new immersive gaming experience

CEE VR is an immersive gaming experience developed by project team at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, led by Dr. Nisha at University of Sheffield. The gaming experience was developed to…

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MA Urban Design and Planning

Course director Dr Bobby Nisha discusses the MA Urban Design and Planning course, which is a 12 month course and jointly delivered with the School of Architecture, and accredited by the Royal Town…

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Students fly their Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) – Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

As part of the third year MEng Aerospace Group Design project, students work together in teams to research, design, build and fly their own Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). This film captures the…

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BSc Landscape Architecture

Find out about our Landscape Institute-accredited BSc honours degree in Landscape Architecture - with specialist options in ecology and habitat creation.

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What's a Gyrocar?

The interdisciplinary manufacturing project runs throughout the first year. Students have the chance to work in the Engineering Applications Workshop - a lab full of 3D printers, laser cutters,…

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Landscape50: Teresa Moller

Chilean Landscape Architect Teresa Moller reflects on the merits of ‘quiet’ Landscape Architecture.

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Landscape50: Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant discusses the disconnect between city planning and design and the greater global picture.

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Landscape50: Thomas Rainer

Thomas Rainer from Phyto Studio questions whether ecological planting design should be a separate profession from Landscape Architecture.

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Landscape50: Nigel Dunnett

Professor Nigel Dunnett explores the fundamental importance of nature in our cities

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11th December 2017 "21st Century Design Skills for the Built Environment" Conference

Recording of the conference proceedings held on 11th December 2017, sponsored by the HEFCE funded "Developing Design Consultants of the Future" project.

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The alumni contribution to the project

Andrew Jackson graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2005, and was able to come back to Sheffield and speak to students taking part in the project. Now a partner at Foster + Partners…

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How to design a building in 12 weeks

Join the students on a twelve-week journey to design a new faculty building for the University of Sheffield. This video breaks down the project week by week, examining what the students are working…

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