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Extracting equations from dimensionless groups

Here I discuss why we need experiments for complement dimensional analysis. I use the example of flow down pipes and the Moody diagram to do this. Finally, I fit my own curve to a portion of the…

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Dimensional analysis of flow over a weir

Here I go introduce what a weir is. I then through the dimensional analysis of the flow over one. Fianlly I point out that experimentation is needed to actually turn the dmensional analysis into…

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Critique analysis_Ramya Ranganathan

I present my critique analysis of a paper investigating possible toxicity of RNA in C9ORF72 ALS pathogenesis using patient-specific cell model

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MASH at the University of Sheffield

Maths and stats at university can be very different to what you’re used to. But fear not: MASH - The Maths and Statistics help service is here to support you throughout your time at Sheffield.…

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What is critical thinking?

A film created by the University Library responding to the question: What is critical thinking?

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Parmenides: Analysis of The Way of Truth

In this video, Professor Angie Hobbs discusses some novel interpretations of Parmenides argument for 'The Way of Truth'.

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