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Nerve Agents

This video is a whiteboard style animation aimed at 16 years and over, and especially useful for Biomedical Science students, or equivalent Universiy level courses. The video focuses upon Nerve…

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The Sound of Science - Teaser

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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A flipped classroom approach to teaching basic maths skills

Although numerical competence is essential for success in the biological sciences, a number of students at this institution and others struggle with their maths skills and confidence. Rebecca Barnes,…

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Science Communication MSc

The Science Communication MSc at the University of Sheffield allows you to explore your creative voice within the dynamic field of SciComm. Gain the creative media, journalistic and critical…

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Inspirational Academics - Dr Gareth Fraser

Dr Gareth Fraser is a Lecturer of Evolutionary Developmental Biology in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield. He's also a world-renowned expert on Sharks.…

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Life on the Edge: Microbes of the Stratosphere

Tareq L S Omairi, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Where does life stop and the emptiness of space begin? The adaptability of life and its ability to survive in extreme conditions continues to…

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Trichodesmium: Sea-sawdust, tufts and puffs, and how to survive at sea with very little food!

Andrew Hitchcock, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Trichodesmium (or sea-sawdust) are unique bacteria which live in the ocean and help sustain aquatic life. Trichodesmium species are…

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Can dishonest science ever be justified....?

In this presentation, our students ask whether dishonesty in science can ever be justified, referring to famous cases where scientific evidence may have been falsified, looking at the cases of Gregor…

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Impact Factor on trial

In this presentation, our students use a courtroom drama setting to investigate whether "Impact Factor" is a justified and unbiased way to evaluate the importance and contribution of…

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An Embryological Carol

An Embryological Carol - The Persistence of Preformationism and its Downfall. Video by Amy Birdle, Gurveena Sungha, Steph White & Jack Taylor.

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Aristotle's Contribution to Modern Science

Join Aristotle, one of the most well known Pre Socratic Philosophers for a job interview to see if he would be suitable for the role of 'modern scientist'. By Paul Campbell, Chloe Short,…

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Heresy in Science-Causing Trouble in the Nicest Possible Way!

Professor Milton Wainwright is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield. This talk was given on 27th March 2014. This talk will explore…

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Behind the lab door

"Claudine Bisson is encouraging scientists to share via short video the work that they do or information about techniques, methodology or equipment available to facilitate collaboration with…

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From Hunters to Farmers - The Origins of Agriculture

Alex Perez from Animal & Plant Sciences takes us back in time to a tale of when we were hunters, to demonstrate the importance of the development of agriculture on our lives.

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Great Ideas of Biology by Sir Paul Nurse

Sir Paul Nurse was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2001, and until 30th November 2015 was the President of the Royal Society. Three of the great ideas of biology are the gene…

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