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Forensic Scientists Watching TV

How would Sherlock get on in a real crime scene? What crucial clue does Silent Witness need to pick up on? We asked two of our Forensic Science students to dissect the BBC's finest detectives!

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The Thorax

This video is aimed at level 2 Biomedical Science students taking the Human Anatomy module and covers the rib cage, diaphragm, lungs, heart and mediastinum - the contents of the thorax. We hope this…

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Danbo Explains the Heart

Danbo explores the Heart and its associated health and diseases. This video is an outreach video, the focus is the heart: its function, coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Our character,…

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30-D anatomical snuff box

Description of the 'antomical snuff box'.

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9-P dermatomes

Nerve supply of the abdominal wall. A dermatome is an area of skin supplied by a single sensory spinal nerve, a myotome is a block of muscle supplied by a single spinal nerve. In the abdominal wall…

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9-Q bowel pain

Understanding the anatomy of referred pain; pain which arises from disease in one part of the body but if felt by the patient in the skin of the patient.

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Solving The Coastal Path Murders Using Forensic Evidence

Dr Angela Gallop, CBE, is an honorary graduate of The University of Sheffield and highly influential in the world of forensic Science. In this interview, Dr Gallop tells us the story of how she took…

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Crush on your Liver - A Revision Aid for Anatomy Students

This short video by three of our international students is intended as a revision aid for part of the Week 4 content on liver anatomy in the Anatomy module (BMS246). Specifically, it covers the…

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The Lungs

This video may be of interest for current and future BMS students taking the Anatomy course module. Filmed by four current BMS students, who took this module, this learning Whiteboard animation is…

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Anatomy of the Anterior Forearm

This short video outlines the anatomy of the 3 muscular compartments of the anterior forearm. The video takes the format of a narrated visual aid, which highlights each compartment and muscle one at…

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Upper Limb Revision - Blood supply and muscles of the forearm

This video is a revision aid for anatomy students, including the blood and nervous supply to the upper limb, and the muscles of the forearm. Josh has been experiencing pain in his left arm after a…

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Atomic Structures Lab

Join the MEng Engineering students for one of their labs on atomic structures. Find out why it's important for us to understand, and work with structures at an atomic level, and discover the…

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How Do You Conduct a Reconstruction?

In this video, we talk to three people experienced in forensic facial reconstruction to find out how they go about reconstructing a face. First, we’ll hear from the Mr. X case pathologist…

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When Would We Need a Facial Reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is currently used in two principal contexts: forensic science and archaeology. In this video, Professor Caroline Wilkinson explains the circumstances where she has been asked to…

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Finding Mr X: Building the Face

In this video, we hear from Senior Forensic Scientist, Nikki Taylor, who conducted the original facial reconstruction of Mr. X whilst working as an intern at the Medico-Legal Centre in 2000.…

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A Career in Forensics and Anatomy

How do you become an expert in Forensic Anatomy? In this video, we’ll hear from our course experts as they tell us how they came to be involved in forensic work. Continue learning If…

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