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The 13th Roberts Lecture. University Teaching in a Post-Knowledge Age by Professor Neil Rackham

On Wednesday 27 March, the 13th Roberts Lecture was delivered by alumnus, honorary graduate and experimental psychologist Professor Neil Rackham. Professor Rackham’s lecture, ‘University…

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The 2018 Basil Hicks Lecture - Britain's Security: Maritime Strategy - What next? Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE, Former Director General of Border Force, and Honorary Graduate of the University of Sheffield

Thursday 8 November, Students' Union Auditorium We were delighted to welcome Vice Admiral Sir Charles Montgomery, KBE to the University on Thursday 8 November to deliver the Basil Hicks…

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Higher Education - Past, Present and Future with Sir Michael Barber, Chair, Office for Students

Higher Education - Past, Present & Future with Sir Michael Barber, Lord Blunkett, Shakira Martin and Harry Anderson On Thursday 4 October we were delighted to welcome to the University, Sir…

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How to book Assistive Spaces

This helpful guide will show you how to book Assistive Spaces using the Connect2 Resource Booking system.

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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Tim Birkhead - Bird Sense

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Tim Birkhead's book "Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird", as well as from the author himself. There has never been a…

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PebblePad - Getting started with Workbooks

A brief guide to creating Workbooks in PebblePad, the eportfolio and personal development system.

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Resubmitting your thesis

A quick guide to resubmitting your research degree thesis after major amendments.

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So, you want to submit your thesis...

A quick guide to how to submit a research degree thesis.

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The Annual Krebs Lecture by Dr Richard Henderson. Tuesday 24 April 2018.

The Annual Krebs Krebs Lecture The University welcomed 400 students, staff, alumni and members of the public to the Annual Krebs Lecture on Tuesday 24 April. The guest speaker for the…

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The 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial Lecture. What will the NHS be facing on its 90th birthday?

We were delighted to welcome Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Health, to the University on Thursday 15 February to deliver the 20th Sir Arthur Hall Memorial…

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Pam McKinney Intro to all new students

A short video aimed at new students to explain my roles in the Information School

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Sir Hans Krebs and the Krebs Cycle

An animation that introduces Sir Hans Krebs and the Krebs cycle, and how his legacy lives on today at the University of Sheffield, with the pioneering research centres - The Florey Institute, the…

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Edit Media using My Media on MOLE

Edit your media in MOLE

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Overview of Kaltura in MOLE

Overview of the functionality of Kaltura in MOLE

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Food Footprints at Bank Street Arts

As part of" Festival of the Mind 2016, artists and makers from the""Art House respond to…

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An Embryological Carol

An Embryological Carol - The Persistence of Preformationism and its Downfall. Video by Amy Birdle, Gurveena Sungha, Steph White & Jack Taylor.

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