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Focused Reading: Strategies & Techniques

This workshop offers strategies you can use for focused reading, including the 'Preview and Review' technique. This reading strategy helps you to set questions for focused reading and helps…

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Planning and Delivering Presentations

Planning and Delivering Presentations

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Online remote assessment - Essay-Based Exams

A video workshop on the subject of dealing with online timed assessments, focussing on essay-style questions

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Critical Thinking and Writing

Critical Thinking and Writing

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Mind Mapping

A session on mind mapping your academic work. Including why and when mind maps can be useful, and some guidance on how to go about using them.

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301: Develop Your Academic Skills

301 Academic Skills Centre provides opportunities for students to develop the essential academic and study skills which underpin their learning at University. Based at 301 Glossop Road (opposite the…

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MASH at the University of Sheffield

Maths and stats at university can be very different to what you’re used to. But fear not: MASH - The Maths and Statistics help service is here to support you throughout your time at Sheffield.…

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Beating Procrastination

This short video will suggest some tips and strategies to overcome the tendency to procrastination and help you to get focused on the tasks that are important.

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